ICI WAQF Updates & Fundraising on 27th Night of Ramadan

First, Jazakum Allahu Khairun to all community members for your support and
contributions to the ICI WAQF Oasis Retail-Office & 28 Apartments project this
Ramadan. This project when completed, Insha Allah has a potential to bring $1M plus
revenue to ICI.
Alhamdullilah, by Allah SWT’s mercy we were able to raise approximately $1.2M
(including $500,000 from an anonymous donor) in pledges during the last Ramadan for
the Phase 1 of the Oasis project. The Phase 1 – Foundation Slab 22,000 square feet –
was completed in December 2021.
Alhamdulilah, ICI WAQF signed a contract with Ever Construction for the Phase 2 – Site
Utilities and Firelane for $757K on 4/4/2022. If we can raise more funds through the
fundraising, we have the option to complete the Parking lot for an additional $522K. We
have 45 days to make the decision after signing the base contract.
We are continuously working with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to finalize the
Islamic loan to complete the Phase 3 of the project i.e., Building Structure/Interior
As mentioned before, all profits from the ICI WAQF Oasis Project will be transferred
100% to ICI. ICI will use these funds to support the Operations, School, Youth, Dawah,
Tanzeel etc. programs and help the needy.

Please donate generously to ICI WAQF Oasis Project on the 27th night (Wednesday 4/27)
Website: iciwaqf.org/donate
Via Zelle & PayPal: treasurer@iciwaqf.org