• Hadith of the Day

    Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As, RasoolAllah ﷺ said: If anyone prays at night reciting regularly ten verses, he will not be recorded among the negligent; if anyone prays at night and recites a hundred verses, he will be recorded among those who are obedient to Allah ﷻ; and if anyone prays at night reciting one thousand verses, he will be recorded among those who receive huge rewards. (Abu Dawud)

  • Hadith of the Day

    RasoolAllah ﷺ said: “Man should call upon Allah alone to provide for all his needs, so much so that even if a shoe-lace is broken, he should pray to Allah ﷻ to provide a shoe-lace, and if he needs salt, he should beseech Allah ﷻ to send it to him.” (Tirmidhi)


Sisters Jiu-Jitsu Training

Alsalam Alaikum Our Beloved Community Islamic Center of Irving is announcing the Start of Jiu-Jitsu Training. Registration link is available here: https://secure.irvingmasjid.org/forms/jiu-jitsu

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Story Telling

Please send your kids to join the Stories of the Prophets (P.B.U.T) from the Quran Every Friday at ICI after Maghrib

Isalmic Male Hygene for Youth By Sheikh Yusuf Ahmed

Saturday December 3 Instructor: Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed Time: After Asr Location: East Musalla For Boys Ages 13 to 18

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