Da’wah is an Arabic term meaning to call or invite. In this case, we’re inviting people to come to a better understanding of their Creator and Sustainer — Allaah.

First, we strive to demonstrate our concern for all of our brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of faith. We do this by being of service to the larger community through things like Mobile Food Pantries, Community Cleanup, Financial Aid, etc.
Next, the most important part of this call is that we listen. We learn about our neighbors, their cares and concerns, and we try to help them carry that load.
Finally, we share the knowledge we have about Allaah (God), His Revelations to humanity which he sent Prophets and Messengers (His Peace be upon them) to demonstrate its application in our lives. Finally, we speak about each one of us continuing to journey to find spiritual ‘perfection’ – although we know we’ll never attain it (in this life).
Outreach Coordinator: Imam Saeed Purcell

Programs We Offer: