Learn To Build Websites
By Bilal Haroon
This class will teach your kids how to create basic websites using the programming languages HTML, CSS and Javascript. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the basis for creating all websites. CSS stands for cascading style sheets and adds style to your website. Javascript is a great beginner language and adds functionality to your website, also it runs in the browser so no additional software is required!
Meet the Instructor
My name is Bilal Haroon, I am a 16 year old Junior Software Developer at Shardus. I work with mostly Javascript and C#. I love to code and I am sure that your kids will find it a valuable skill. No matter what career they go into, programming is becoming a valuable skill and most employers like to see it on applicants resumes because it shows that the applicant has critical thinking and problem solving skills. I look forward to seeing you and your kids in the classroom.

Laptop with internet connection

Maximum No. of Students:

Duration and Time:
4 classes from 6/08 – 6/29 on Mondays @ 3:00pm


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