Classes are offered in the following subjects:
Quran recitation with tajweed and tafseer Islamic studies:
tahdeeb, akhlaq, fiqh, aqeedah, dua, hadeeth, salah Arabic language reading and writing from Quran

To be a center of applied Islamic knowledge for the youth of the DFW Muslim community.

To provide authentic Islamic education to the DFW Muslim youth so that they will not only know how to live as faithful practicing Muslims, but understand the wisdom of Islam and want to. With this knowledge, we hope these youth will become active members of society, living as shining examples of conscientious Muslims and contribute to the strength, faith and future of our ummah.

School Information
Classes continue every Sunday (September – May) from 10am – 2:15pm.
Registration remains open, as classroom space allows, until January 31st of that school year.
Classes are available for children age 4 (as of Sept 1st) through 18.

Tuition is $65/child/month. Textbooks must also be purchased for the school year.